1. Fixed compensator

This is the accessory which keeps the different rows of boxes apart so those in the upper row do not coincide with those in the lower row, and the upper row doesn´t fall out when a box is removed from the lower row.

2. Adjustable compensator

When the boxes placed side-by-side do not fit exactly into the space they are going to occupy, the adjustable compensator, of varying sizes, occupies the remaining space and ensures the row of boxes has the right clearance for a drawer-like function.

3. Calibrator

With the assistance of its scale, the calibrator enables you to place 4 adjustable compensator supports in the same position and the same size, to ensure the boxes are supported correctly in the respective compensator.

4. Folder

The folder is for pliable products which are bigger than the box and need to be folded, such as t-shirts, for example. This accessory provides a duly calibrated fold, thereby guaranteeing the fastening teeth do not press down on critical points leaving fold marks.

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