The words already exist, now there´s a new concept

“…like a book”
… which looks good anywhere, forgotten or tidied up.

“…like a puzzle”
… personalised and designed by you, for the space where you keep the objects you like most..

There are several different shapes..

Products molded in high-quality thermoplastic polymer, mixed with metallic surfaces, in several different shapes, placed in the home, in commerce, in industry, in space, in a practical and low-cost manner, the small objects we don´t want to forget and can find with the ease of a glance at the place in which they are kept…

Vertical Box

There are no more difficulties in arranging things in a vertical position, pliable products such as fabric, sheets of paper, plastic and other films, without them becoming creased or taking up too much space and can be spotted quickly.

Whatever the space you choose for your box, he and she will get along very well, they will fit perfectly and, one on top of the other, they will occupy every available millimeter.

Whatever the stored object, flexible or not, it will accommodate in the box, ready to be found with a simple gesture and a simple look.

Like a book, stored vertically it takes its place and, when used horizontally, it leaves its place reserved for when it comes back.

Puzzle Box

The difficulties in compartmentalizing storage space in a custom way for the objects you most appreciate are over, like a puzzle, each piece perfectly adapts to the selected space.

Make each area the ideal area for your storage boxes

Make each box the ideal place for storing your objects

Slide them in one by one until there is no more room, until it´s finished.

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